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How Smart People Can Get Better At Everything

Three Ways to Deal with the Poison Person

Is your husband’s boss ruining your marriage? It’s simply stunning at how one negative person can seep into the lives of so many others. Their prickly tentacles insert themselves into…Read more

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    Five Friends Nobody Needs and How to Manage Them, If You Must

Five Friends Nobody Needs and How to Manage Them, If You Must

We’ve all got that friend.  The person who no matter what the situation will always find a way to turn it around to be about them instead of you. The…Read more

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    Why Understanding the Back Story Helps You Solve the Problem

Why Understanding the Back Story Helps You Solve the Problem

Whose photo would you rather see on the news, the killer or the hero? Should we be deconstructing the life of a murderer? Or honoring the lives of the heroes?…Read more

Who Are You Letting Into Your Head?

Have you ever been infuriated by someone’s Facebook post? You’re not alone. One minute you’re mindlessly trolling pictures of your high school girlfriend’s nephew’s graduation, the next minute, someone’s political post…Read more

Are You An Additive Person Or A Subtractive One?

It started with stuffing. But then, as Southern family fights tend to do, it went from stuffing to sweet potatoes to full fledged character assassination. It’s the kind of fight…Read more

People Should Come With Warning Labels

Wouldn’t it be great if people announced their dysfunctions and hidden agendas at the start of a relationship rather than you having to discover it later. Think about how much…Read more

4 Well-Intended Comments That Suck The Life Out Of People

Are you sabotaging people without realizing it? We want the people around us to do their best, but sometimes, in our efforts to “help,” we wind up making them feel…Read more

Why People Become Extremists During Arguments

 It starts out calm. You're having an intelligent debate with a colleague. Then they say something that pushes your buttons and before you know it, the words are flying and…Read more

Why Avoiding Conflict Keeps You Trapped In It Forever

"Avoiding conflict wreaks havoc on business and relationships as well." Most people don't like conflict.   It feels risky and time consuming. They're either afraid of it or they don't want to expend…Read more

How To Keep Emotional Vampires From Leeching Your Ambition

She was my boss' secretary, back in those days when there was such a thing as personal secretaries. She was mean as a snake.  She snapped at anyone who dared ask her for…Read more

The Curse Of Mindset – How To Get Credit For Doing Good Work

Do you ever feel unappreciated? You put in a long day, you complete all the tasks, you do the right thing by your family, yet people still complain. Why? Are…Read more

The Real Truth About Other People

Other people are flawed; they're badly flawed.  They're selfish, they're mean, they're cheap, they're sloppy, they're lazy, and in most cases, they're completely unwilling to even acknowledge they're doing anything…Read more

Are Your Stories Serving You? Or Sabotaging You?

What's your story? We all have stories. They're the inner thought tracks of our lives. The challenge is they're not always true, and sometimes even if they are true, repeating…Read more

Human Interaction: A Skill Nobody Ever Teaches You

What's more important: knowledge, work habits or the way we interact with others? Recently, one of my clients was creating a project team. Several people volunteered, yet when they found…Read more

A Tale of Two Teachers: It Was the Best of Class, It Was the Worst of Class

Do you ever feel like you're surrounding by negativity? Sometimes it seems like everyone around you has a bad attitude. You try your best, but it's almost impossible to get…Read more

How to Deal With Crazy People (without becoming one of them)

There's nothing like the dysfunctions of others to bring out the beast in us. Whether it's the drama-queen sister-in-law, the narrow-minded neighbor, or the self-absorbed boss, we know they're crazy,…Read more

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Why We Trust Strangers More than Our Friends

Humans are trusting creatures, sort of. In the collective sense, our society runs on trust. I'm often stunned by how often we place our very lives in the hands of…Read more

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