Venting Doesn’t Release Negativity; It Rehearses It

It starts with the speeches. You know the little speech you rehearse in your head, getting ready for the big moment when you finally let them have it. Perhaps you practice it in the shower, or your car. Or perhaps you share your frustration with others. Maybe it’s the.

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Why You Should Be the Odd One Out

I was the only white person in the classroom, and I didn’t know how to do the hula, which was embarrassing. Have you ever been the only person of your race or sex in a classroom or meeting?  If so, you know what it’s like to be the odd.

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How I Used Leadership Books to Raise Toddlers

Have you ever been faced with a challenge that you don’t know how to handle? Were you ever in a situation where you felt overwhelmed and unprepared? We’ve all been there. My instinct in these situations is to reach for a book. Nowadays it might also be a YouTube.

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What’s the ROI on Friendship?

Who are your five closest friends?  Did you intentionally choose them?  Or are they circumstantial friends? Whether you realize it or not, your closest friends set the bar for what you consider to be normal.  For example, if you’re a B student and all your friends get C’s, you’ll.

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A Letter for the Special Ones

Intellectually, you know that other people adore their children.  In fact, it’s in your best interest to want people to adore their children.  When people love and care for their children, the world benefits.  Social science backs this up.  People who care about their children make their best effort.

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Why the Pursuit of Consistency Makes You Irrelevant

The team was concerned.  They were making an organizational change.  At the same time, they were under pressure to move into new markets.  People were anxious. They believed the internal conditions weren’t stable enough to pursue new opportunities externally. They were wrong. My father once told me, “If you.

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Don’t Tell High Ambition People to Relax

You need to chill out. Just relax; it’s no big deal. The above comments are intended to be comforting, but when you tell a high performer to calm down, it has the opposite effect. It makes them want to scream. A friend of mine’s son was stressing out about.

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How to Be a Noble Purpose Parent

How would you evaluate your parenting? If you’re like most of us, you probably do some things well, and some things not so well. My husband and I have been parents for two decades. We have two daughters. We haven’t been perfect parents; anymore than either of our own.

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Three Things That Will Endear You to Your Family and Friends

I lost my Dad, Jay Earle, last week after a 6-month battle with cancer. Regular readers know my father’s stories: The skinny 1950s teen who played sax in a dance band with Warren Beatty, the 18-year-old who became a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy by volunteering for dirty jobs,.

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Pre-decision making: How to Make Better Decisions under Stress

A critical decision is one that shapes your future, things that affect your career, your relationships, and your reputation. We often agonize over non-critical decisions. Deciding what kind of car to buy is probably not going to have a big impact on your career. Deciding how to cut your.

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