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How Smart People Can Get Better At Everything

Is Your Job Just a Job?

Do you consider your work a calling? Or is it just a job? The recent Wall Street Journal article, “I Don’t Have a Job. I Have a Higher Calling,” evoked…Read more

Internal Customers: A Flawed Concept That Drives Mediocrity

Does your organization talk about internal customers?  The idea is that employees who don’t interact with external customers have internal customers, key stakeholders for whom they provide services.  The IT…Read more

Why Culture Matters More Than Goals

What’s the culture of your organization?  Is it an environment where things get done on time, every time?  Or are deadlines more flexible?   Do you believe in having fun, or…Read more

The Mental Shortcut That Dumbs Down Your Mind

The human mind loves certainty. Left to its own devices, when faced with a challenging situation, your brain will create a dichotomy, a this or that polarizing choice that simplifies…Read more

The Horrible Awful Thing That is Wrong with Schools

Do you remember career counseling when you were in school?  Someone probably presented a bunch of career options and then tried to help you decide the best fit based on…Read more

Don’t Be the One Who Waits for the Safe Space

We all want the safe space, the space where you won’t be rejected, where you won’t look silly, where there’s no risk, and where you know that things will work.…Read more

Why Metrics Drive Mediocrity

We’ve all heard it, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Metrics-driven leadership is now the default. Leaders set numerical goals in an attempt to solve every problem from struggling…Read more

Three Types of People That Will Make You Happier

Does life ever sometimes seem like one big long to-do list? With too much to do and not enough time to do it, life can easily become a grind.  We…Read more

Why the Story of Your Job Becomes the Story of Your Life

When someone asks you what you do for a living, how do you answer?  And equally, or perhaps even more important, what does your face look like? Compare and contrast…Read more

Are You Going to be Blindsided by the Future?

We’ll all been there. Things are running smoothly, then whack, seemingly out of nowhere you get hit over the head. You lose your job, your competition takes away your best…Read more

What Does your Internal Talk Track Reveal About You?

When I was in college I signed up to attend a “meeting” to learn about summer jobs that supposedly paid the big bucks.  In hindsight I should have known it…Read more

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    The Table of Brotherhood Actually Happened At a Burger Joint

The Table of Brotherhood Actually Happened At a Burger Joint

I was sitting at an upscale burger place in Atlanta a few months back with my daughter.   An African-American family sat down at the table beside us - a mom,…Read more

Which Complaints are Worth Listening to?

A teacher friend of mine recently expressed frustration that she doesn’t get the respect that she feels she deserves from parents and students. I wonder which feedback she’s paying attention…Read more

Why We Get Frantic, Then Burnout

How many times have you worked like a fiend on something and then found yourself so burned out you couldn’t bear to even look at it again? You’re not alone.…Read more

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    Why Beauty Matters at Work, And Not in the Way You Might Think

Why Beauty Matters at Work, And Not in the Way You Might Think

One of my clients is remodeling their offices.  Employees have to walk through construction everyday, and it’s having a chilling effect on morale.  When deciding how to manage the construction…Read more

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    Why the “My Job is Harder” Fight isn’t a Battle You Want to Win

Why the “My Job is Harder” Fight isn’t a Battle You Want to Win

There’s a human tendency to feel like you’re pulling more than your fair share of the weight. That’s because we only experience the hardships of our own reality. We don’t…Read more

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  • Leadership Lessons From Monica Lewinsky

    In 22 short minutes Lewinsky transforms public perception, moving from a woman who was once narrowly defined by a youthful mistake to emerge as a commanding leader of a Noble cause. As someone who coa … … Read more

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How a Slight Tweak in Words Changes Your Entire Organization

A colleague and friend of mine was staying at a high-end casino hotel recently for a conference.  One morning, he asked a waiter for a bottle of water.  A few…Read more

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