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How Smart People Can Get Better At Everything

Invite the Best Version of Your Boss to the Meeting

How often have you tried to figure out what your boss wants? The boss is the unseen participant at every meeting.  The boss might not be there in person, but…Read more

Why We Wait, Before Giving It Our Best

I’m willing to do it, but I’m not sure he is. It’s the biggest obstacle to making a positive change.  We want to know, for sure, that the other guy…Read more

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    Why Giving Everyone a Trophy Sets Us Up for Failure at Work, and Life

Why Giving Everyone a Trophy Sets Us Up for Failure at Work, and Life

Giving away meaningless trophies doesn’t inspire anyone to new heights of improved performance.  Nor does it build self-esteem. The token trophy movement that started in peewee soccer is having a…Read more

Mason Myers – Guest Post

A special thank you to Mason Myers, General Partner of Greybull Stewardship for his comments regarding my recent presentation to the Murphy Financial Group. Please click here to see the details!…Read more

Why I Believe in Noble Purpose (as seen on

It’s the key question every leader needs to ask:  Do you have a “Noble Purpose?”  Or do you just sell stuff? The answer is directly linked to profitability. I created…Read more

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    How Noble Purpose Creates a High Performance Sales Culture (as seen on

How Noble Purpose Creates a High Performance Sales Culture (as seen on

What does your leadership team talk about in meetings? Do they spend the majority of their time discussing sales results or customer outcomes? If the preponderance of your team’s internal…Read more

Two Stupid Time Sucks That Shouldn’t Be Happening

When is it OK to interrupt someone who is sharing information that you don’t need? Yes, this is going to be a rant. I recently had the agonizing experience of…Read more

The Big Mistake People Make When They Negotiate

We were selling our house. The buyers wanted to play hardball negotiation. We had agreed on a price, but they wanted us to throw in lots of extras, furniture, the…Read more

Is Your Team Having Fun?

Lisa reminds us that balance in life will keep your team energetic and happy.Read more

My Opinion on Sheryl Sandberg

  Lisa shares her opinion on the criticism that has circulated about Sheryl Sandberg.Read more

Should We Challenge Our Customers?

  Lisa discusses the right way to interject challenging conversation in to your sales calls.Read more

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    Why Intellectual Buy-In Does Not Equate to Emotional Engagement

Why Intellectual Buy-In Does Not Equate to Emotional Engagement

Lisa explains that touching peoples emotions is what will get them to act.Read more

Why People Attach Undue Significance to the Leaders Words

Lisa shares tips for leaders to remember when speaking around their teams.Read more

Do You Expect Your Sales People to Read Your Mind?

Lisa explains what the most effective form of communication is when it comes to sharing  your expectations with your sales team.Read more

The Great Sales Disconnect

Lisa discusses the great disconnect that is often found in companies between what they think they believe and what they actually reward their employees for.Read more

Why Sales Is Like Dating – Only More Expensive

Lisa explains that although less romantic, looking for a long-term relationship with your customers is often like dating.Read more

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The Biggest Difference between Success and Mediocrity for Teachers and Leaders

Do you remember your most horrible teacher? What about your worst boss?  You can probably still hear their words in your head. I have vivid memories of my sixth grade…Read more

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