Is overemphasizing profit costing you money?

BUSINESS TREND Game Change: Leaders increase profits focusing on a noble purpose bigger than money They lead different organizations across a gamut of industries: construction, travel, social media, and software.  Instead of driving their organizations to improve profit, these leaders make customer impact their end game.   The counter intuitive.

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What is Noble Purpose?

As human beings we are hardwired to seek meaning and purpose in our lives. Nowhere is this more important than work, where we spend so many of our waking hours. Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP, explains, “This is a world where purpose matters more than ever before. I get inspired.

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Why Keeping Emotion Out of the Workplace is a Terrible Idea

Professionalism often translates to lack of emotion. On the surface, it might not seem like being a professional would require you to stuff your emotions. Yet that’s exactly what many work cultures unconsciously promote. The crisis of disengaged employees (over 55% of people) reveals that many people feel dead.

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A Noble Purpose Workshop Brings Out the Beast, and the Best in People

What would happen if your organization didn’t exist? If you closed your doors tomorrow, would the world miss you? That’s the first question we ask when we run a Noble Purpose workshop.  The answers are surprising.   We hear everything from, “nothing would change” to “the world would fall.

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Three Marketing Tips From the Two best Panhandlers in Vegas

I was recently in Vegas, where a walk down The Strip is a marketing juggernaut. From the costumed characters tossing you coupons for all you can eat buffet, to the carnival-like barkers pitching you on the coolest show in town, everyone is trying to sell you something.  And then.

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The Real Reason Monster’s CEO Lost His Job

When was the last time you looked for a job or an employee on  If you’re like most people, you’ve heard of Monster, but haven’t used it lately. Monster Worldwide has announced that CEO Sal Iaunuzzi is leaving. His departure comes after several years of declining marketing share,.

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Why We Get Frantic, Then Burnout

How many times have you worked like a fiend on something and then found yourself so burned out you couldn’t bear to even look at it again? You’re not alone. The up down cycle of intense work followed by a sloth-like period of no results is a common phenomenon.

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Invite the Best Version of Your Boss to the Meeting

How often have you tried to figure out what your boss wants? The boss is the unseen participant at every meeting.  The boss might not be there in person, but everyone wonders what her reaction will be to the decisions, initiatives or outcomes. Most people want to make their.

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Why We Wait, Before Giving It Our Best

I’m willing to do it, but I’m not sure he is. It’s the biggest obstacle to making a positive change.  We want to know, for sure, that the other guy is all in with good intentions, before we fully invest ourselves. I was working on a consulting project recently.

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