Change is Not the Problem, People Are

We’ve long been told, “Change is hard.”  The prevailing wisdom is that people don’t like to change. I was recently dealing with a leader who was trying to make organizational process changes.  Very few on the team adopted the new processes.  They didn’t argue in the meeting when it.

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5 Steps for Creating a Noble Purpose Organization

When our firm first introduced Noble Purpose, we had a concept, but we weren’t very systematic in our methodology. It was more hit or miss, getting by where we could and figuring things out along the way with our clients. I’m grateful to those early adopters, with their help,.

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Are Errors of Apathy Eroding Your Organization?

If you’re not making mistakes you’re not trying anything new. Yet in many organizations, there’s a greater penalty for errors than for inaction. The reason is that inaction often goes unnoticed, while errors are front and center. Yet over time, inaction is an insidious error that will eventually erode.

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Don’t Be the One Who Waits for the Safe Space

We all want the safe space, the space where you won’t be rejected, where you won’t look silly, where there’s no risk, and where you know that things will work. Whenever I talk about emotional engagement, or passion or Noble Purpose, inevitably someone will come up to me afterward.

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Why Employees Just Don’t Care, and What the Boss Can Do About It

I frequently hear leaders complain that their employees just don’t care anymore. Lack of employee engagement has reached epidemic proportions. A May 2014 New York Times article titled, “Why you hate work” was the single most emailed article for an entire week. The article revealed that in a 2013.

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How to Reinvent Yourself When Life Doesn’t Turn Out the Way You Planned

We’ve all been there, or at least many of us have. You have a foolproof business plan; you put in the time, money and mountain of work to make it successful.  Yet somehow, it stills fails.  Or perhaps you’re on track for a big promotion, and it goes to.

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Why We Wish Away Happiness

What’s keeping you from happiness? If you’re like most people you can list the obstacles standing between you and bliss. We all want to be happy. When we’re not, we’re often quick to point to reasons outside of our control. “I can’t be happy because I had bad parents,”.

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The Big Mistake People Make When They Negotiate

We were selling our house. The buyers wanted to play hardball negotiation. We had agreed on a price, but they wanted us to throw in lots of extras, furniture, the clay pots on our front porch, rugs. We were OK with all of it, until it came to the.

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How to Turn Adversaries into Allies without Manipulation or Coercion

Do you have “Ultimate Influence?” Are you able to get other people excited about your ideas?  Can you convince your kids to do their chores without constant reminding?  Are you able to change your boss’s mind about something? Bestselling author Bob Burg says, “Ultimate Influence is the ability to.

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Why Lack of Managerial Courage Ruins Everything

How many times have you been in a situation, where you knew things were going to go badly, yet no one had the guts to tell the person in charge? It’s the elephant in the room. Everyone can hear it bellowing, except the boss. I was recently working with.

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