Lisa’s clients include a variety of top organizations in healthcare, construction, professional services, banking, manufacturing, retail, pharmaceutical, financial services as well as several franchise and entrepreneur groups.

g-adventuresLearn how we helped G Adventures drive 35% month over month sales growth. Bruce Poon Tip describes how we helped his global sales team become “laser focused” and beat their much larger competitors.

Read the full story in Forbes to learn The Three Big Things McLeod Did To Catapulte G’s Sales Growth

explorys-blockquoteCEO Steve McHale and VP of Sales Sarah Mihalik describe how McLeod helped their Cleveland Clinic spin off create a sales strategy that drove record revenue in 12 months.

“Lisa McLeod knows what is at the core of great sales leadership and communicates this simply to help people reshape their mindset and drive better results. I recommend her work to any leader who wants drive more revenue.”

– Michel Koopman, CEO

“Lisa McLeod is an expert in sales leadership. She’s coached top tier sales teams at Apple, Kimberly-Clark and Procter & Gamble. She knows what it takes to drive growth.”
– Jim Stengel, Former CMO

“We’ve been mentored by Lisa for over 2 years. The results are magnificent. We’ve grown over 35% in a highly competitive market and refused to participate in the recession. Lisa’s straightforward approach is a big reason for our success.”
– Jeff Connally, President & CEO

“Lisa McLeod is one of the most highly rated speakers we’ve had at an EcSELL Sales Coaching and Leadership Summit, so much so we are having her back next fall. Lisa is exceptional in many ways. She has a rare gift of being able to connect with the heads and hearts of her audience.”
– Bill Eckstrom, President & Founder

“Lisa showed us how to be more passionate about our jobs and how to use passion as a competitive advantage in the workplace. Her program gave us a much deeper understanding of our customers. We were able to engage more senior level contacts and close bigger deals.”
– Stephanie Newkirchen, Partner

“Lisa and her team got our executives aligned behind our strategic goals and our sales people learned how to differentiate themselves. The result is an organization that is focused, organized and passionate about delivering results. We were just ranked #1 in our market for customer service.”
– Ian Truran, President and CEO

“Lisa is my favorite go-to sales expert – her wisdom and knowledge cultivated from her deep client experiences has produced a repertoire of practical and engaging solutions to the challenges many sales organizations face today. I would highly recommend Lisa if you are looking to refresh, motivate and energize your sales force.”
– Sandi Parker, Vice President, Marketing & Surgical Sales

“Lisa’s program for over 400 coaches and franchisees added tremendous value. She’s smart, she’s funny and her advice makes so much sense. Anyone can relate to it, particularly in today’s times.”
– Steve Schick, Head of Business Development

“Using Lisa’s methods has dramatically improved our Manager’s ability to influence and develop our independent field consultants to insure that they reach their goals.”
– Shellie Kirk, Division Sales Manager
Major International Direct Sales Organization

“This is my eighth year putting this conference together, and from a keynote perspective, Lisa McLeod is by far the most REAL, wholesome, grounded keynote I have ever hired.”
– Wendy Wheelock Knight, Executive Director
NICC Leadership Institute