Save Me: My Daughter Wants To Enter A Pageant

Where did I go wrong?  I bought her the tinker-toys and the trucks.  I read her the book about how girls could be President too.  I took her to work with me.  I introduced her to my girlfriends, the lawyer, the doctor, the teacher, the minister.  She even had a woman pediatrician.  

And now she comes home telling me she wants to enter the Little Miss Dogwood Pageant.  

What would Gloria Steinem say?  What would my mother, the chemist with a Masters Degree say?  

It’s official, I am a terrible mother, I might as well have smoked crack when I was pregnant.  

My 11-year-old wants to enter a pageant.  Oh sure, they say there’s a personality component, wink, wink, a call for world peace and a cheesy grin will probably be all you need fot that one.  The important elements are  the runway walk, the cutest eyes competition, the most photogenic award. and I bet my baby will clean their clocks when in comes to poise and talent. 

I am about to become a pageant mother.  I wonder where you can get a good deal on a size 11 evening gown and a used baton?

Does Sarah Palin give coaching?