Is It OK For Humor Writers To Make Fun Of Their Spouse?

I recently wrote about Why I’m Unfriending My Husband On Facebook I guess the world felt sorry for him, because he’s now been besieged by lonely women from across the country who want to be his “friend.”  

“If your wife won’t put you on her page, I’ll put you on mine Big Boy,” wrote one enthusiastic reader from Buffalo. 

You’re welcome to put him on your friend page sweetie, but I’ll let you in on a little secret, after all the notes, I decided that I wasn’t ready to cut him off my page after all.

You see I’m kind of like, umm, a humor writer,

Yes I know, it’s not quite as glamorous, as if I were, say a movie star, or rock star, and my job was to dress in tight leather and adopt impoverished children.  But hey, mom has a paying gig, and part of the job is sacrificing her family on the alter of America’s funny bone. 

So that means part of my job description is to make fun of my family, and part of making fun of them is exaggerating our antics.

I try to never embarrass my kids.

But my husband?  He’s a big boy, in fact he’s an even bigger boy than when I married him, so I figure he’s grown a tough skin.   

What do you think, should comedians and humor writers make fun of their family or not?

And should I tell my husband that all of my ex-boyfriends are now sending me Facebook notes.  Yep both of ’em.  

You gotta love the Internet and airbrushed pictures, I was never this popular in high school!