How to Use Noble Sales Purpose on TV – Demonstrated by Explorys CEO, Steve McHale

I’ve written extensively about Noble Sales Purpose™.  Explorys CEO Steve McHale had me run a Noble Sales Purpose workshop for his team to help them focus on their customers, drive sales performance, improve improve morale, and ignite innovation.

Here’s another benefit: Noble Sales Purpose ™ makes a great sound bite for television.

Watch here as Explorys CEO Steve McHale describes their Noble Sales Purpose™ in a segment on CNBC.

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When Steve says, “Our purpose is to unlock the power of big data to improve healthcare for everyone.” he describing Explorys’s reason for being. We created that statement 6 months ago with the senior leadership team, and it’s been driving their business every since.

As the segment describes, Explorys has had explosive growth and attracted top talent.

Stephen McHale

It’s not without coincidence that CNBC chose to use the clip of Steve describing Explorys’ Noble Sales Purpose.

It’s compelling, it’s factual and it describes the impact they have on  their customers, and the world.

I’m proud to be working with Steve and the Team at Explorys.