For Immediate Release: Next Gen CEOs Emphasizing Purpose Over Profit May Be The New Profit Pioneers

Next Gen CEOs Emphasizing Purpose Over Profit May Be The New Profit Pioneers

CEOs who overemphasize profit actually cost their companies millions, while leaders who put purpose before profit saw spectacular profits. Look:

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STORY IDEA: What’s behind this new business trend of emphasizing purpose over profit?

Your readers are hungering to read about forward-thinking CEOs and their boards who recognize you can’t spreadsheet your way to passion.

Interview a Key Influencer Driving This New Business Trend: Lisa McLeod

The Noble Purpose movement is the brainchild of business consultant Lisa Earle McLeod. McLeod developed the Noble Purpose methodology after her research revealed organizations with a purpose beyond money outperform the market by over 350%. The three examples above are actually her clients.

This would be a great story to write as it capitalizes on the headlines. And it shows a viable economic alternative to greed and manipulation. Lisa is the go to source for this trend. A seasoned media commentator (Today & Good Morning America) and the sales leadership expert for, Lisa can provide hard data and compelling stories to demonstrate – Purpose drives profit, not the other way around.

Lisa says, “We’ve made some faulty assumptions about work, and those assumptions are killing us. We’ve allowed the money story to replace the meaning story. The narrative of earnings and bonuses that was supposed to improve employee performance has had the opposite effect. It has stripped the joy and meaning from work in ways that have a chilling effect on morale, performance, service, and ultimately profit itself.”

These CEOs are at the forefront of the new business model profiled in McLeod’s latest book, Leading with Noble Purpose: How to Create a Tribe of True Believers (Wiley).  Naming and claiming a purpose bigger than money, and making that purpose the center of their organizations, has produced record revenues.

All CEOs and McLeod are available for an interview.

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