Team McLeod Has Something New and Cool

Purpose is a hot topic; fast growth organizations are putting purpose at the center of their strategy to improve performance at every level. Yet, too often, sales remain transactional.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We wanted to help sales leaders experience the difference between a traditional company vs. a Noble Purpose organization. Instead of simply showing leaders how Noble Purpose drives revenue, differentiation and engagement, we wanted to create an experience to help teams live it firsthand.

We’re proud to announce the Selling with Noble Purpose Sales Leader program.

Imagine an organization where . .

  • After discussing deal size, sales leaders ask: How will the customer be different as a result of doing business with us?
  • Sales managers see themselves as belief builders for their team, and know how to leverage shared belief as a competitive advantage
  • Sales teams rise above transactional and become passionate about creating value for clients
  • The sales leadership narrative goes beyond numbers to include inspiring stories about the impact your solution has on clients
  • Sales teams set and achieve high quotas because they have urgency about improving life for clients

You don’t have to imagine, your team can experience it live time. In this interactive program, people experience what happens when you shift your mindset, metrics, and message from an internally focused decision-making lens to a customer-driven Noble Purpose lens. Our methodology enables teams to move instantly into a new more differentiated space.

The most powerful voices in the ears of your sales team are your sales leaders. In the Selling with Noble Purpose Sales Leader program, participants learn how to:

  • Shift their mindset from transactional to customer impact
  • Bring the customer’s voice into the cadence of daily business
  • Leverage six critical moments of sales leadership to elevate sales behavior
  • Build belief in their sales team and turn that belief into a source of competitive differentiation.

We’ve partnered with design guru Richard Hodge, who created the ground-breaking discovery programs like Symphony and Mind of the Customer to create an interactive 1-½ day session that uses business simulations, learning maps, and kinetic learning to change mindset and behavior.

We’re running an abridged one-day version of this new program Selling with Noble Purpose Sales Leader program in Atlanta.


Atlantic Capital Bank


October 15, 2019


9 AM – 4 PM