Answering the Three Discovery Questions

How do you make a difference? 

It’s not a product or even a service, it’s what happens because of all of that. The lasting stamp you leave on their lives and businesses. 

To do this, try making an impact map, a visual representation of the ripple effect your products and solutions have on the customers you serve. Start with what you do in the center. Then, fill in a few spokes with the impact what you do has on others. For example, if you sell IT services, impacts would look something like reducing expenses, saving time, and having a more reliable system.

Now, go one more layer out. One layer out from reducing expenses? That enables an organization to invest more in product development, higher top talent, and grow their business. Saving time? More time to spend with customers, on new projects, and team building. More reliable system? Peace of mind that when you go home, you’re not going to get a frantic “systems crash” call. Look at the example for IT sales, and then make your own impact map for your role.

Now that your impact is front of mind, think about how you do it differently than your competitors? Here are a few examples to get you started: Are you…

  • Faster
  • Safer
  • More Reliable
  • More Creative
  • More innovative
  • More customer-focused
  • More engaging
  • More adaptable

Lastly, what do you love about your job? Knowing the elements of your work that make you specifically come alive helps you tailor your day to day activities and keep your energy high. Any of these ring true to you?

  • Connecting with current customers
  • Making presentations
  • Writing proposals
  • Finding new customers
  • Discovery conversations
  • Succesful implementations