Purpose Types

The Do-er finds purpose by making sure everything gets done on time and correctly. Do-ers tend to be organized, thorough, independent, timely, and prepared. They value systems and order. Do-ers activate their sense of purpose by providing structure, organization and commitment to their team. Do-ers tend to be Factual.

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Answering the Three Discovery Questions

How do you make a difference?  It’s not a product or even a service, it’s what happens because of all of that. The lasting stamp you leave on their lives and businesses.  To do this, try making an impact map, a visual representation of the ripple effect your products.

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The Noble Purpose of a Sales Team

If someone asked your team, “What’s the purpose of our organization?” How would they answer? Sometimes we fall into a trap of thinking that a concept like purpose is reserved for people in nonprofits, or teachers and nurses. And that those of us in corporate America can’t have it..

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The Noble Purpose Slide Doc

Need a refresher on what it means to sell and lead with Noble Purpose? Want something to show your boss, or your team, to make the value case? Desiring to share the power of purpose with someone else? CHECK OUT THE NOBLE PURPOSE SLIDE DOC

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For Immediate Release: Is overemphasizing profit costing you money?

BUSINESS TREND Game Change: Leaders increase profits focusing on a noble purpose bigger than money They lead different organizations across a gamut of industries: construction, travel, social media, and software. Instead of driving their organizations to improve profit, the se leaders make customer impact their end game.   The counter intuitive.

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For Immediate Release: Next Gen CEOs Emphasizing Purpose Over Profit May Be The New Profit Pioneers

Next Gen CEOs Emphasizing Purpose Over Profit May Be The New Profit Pioneers CEOs who overemphasize profit actually cost their companies millions, while leaders who put purpose before profit saw spectacular profits. Look: STORY IDEA: What’s behind this new business trend of emphasizing purpose over profit? Your readers are.

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