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Sitcoms: Fun For Kids or Ruining Young Minds?

I was blasted for my recent commentary “Confessions of a TiVoholic” because I admitted I let my kids (ages 11 and 16) watch sitcoms.  One reader went so far as to tell me that by letting my kids watch I was contributing to the foul mouthed culture of fifth.

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Save Me: My Daughter Wants To Enter A Pageant

Where did I go wrong?  I bought her the tinker-toys and the trucks.  I read her the book about how girls could be President too.  I took her to work with me.  I introduced her to my girlfriends, the lawyer, the doctor, the teacher, the minister.  She even had.

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Do all women begrudge their man a nap? Or just married mothers?

After being dissed by bloggers all over the net for recent my column: Why Do Women Begrudge Men a Nap? I realized I should start my own blog, so that people who want to criticize my writing will have a central location to air their grievances. It’s all about.

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