Supportworks has become an employer of choice in a blue-collar industry, attracting and retaining top talent with ease (in the middle of Nebraska!)

Attracting and keeping top talent is a business imperative. It’s even more challenging when you’re hiring blue-collar workers, in the middle of Nebraska, to muck out people’s basements.

Supportworks, a foundation repair firm, recognized: a purpose-driven culture is their best competitive advantage.

McLeod & More helped Supportworks define, scale and embed their purpose.

They’ve become a destination employer, voted a Best Place to work, and revenue has grown exponentially. Employee engagement has soared. Their team will tell you, Supportworks is unstoppable.

Convincing a rough and tough crew of predominately male leaders to talk about purpose and praise their teams was no small task. Our rollout process included a compelling narrative and tools to elevate leadership and employee behaviors.

Praise can be awkward, especially if you’re not used to giving or receiving much of it. One of our biggest challenges was to help leaders learn how to emotionally engage their teams. We knew the connection between recognition and purpose had to be accessible, easy, and not require a big long speech. One of the tools we created was Purpose Citations, an easy way for anyone to keep the wheels of a purpose-driven culture spinning.

“As an entrepreneur, the only way to grow your business is to get the right people aligned around the right goals. Lisa is an expert in helping you create your purpose, align your team, and bring it forth in a compelling, scalable way.”

Dave Thrasher
President, Foundation Supportworks