What Cartoonists Can Teach Us About Getting Buy-In

Have you ever had an idea you loved, and your boss immediately started poking holes in it? Or have you created a presentation and your colleagues responded with a list of things you should add? As humans, we’re instinctively wired to want to point out flaws. Further, ambitious people.

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Is Your Boss Holding You Back?

If you want to get promoted, grow your career, or even make a bigger impact in your current role, your boss will play a crucial part in either propelling that future or holding it back. Even well-intended managers can fail to recognize the potential of their employees; in the.

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How High Performers Manage Their Boss

Whether you have a great boss, a terrible boss, or a well-intended (but overwhelmed) boss, the relationship you have with your boss has a major impact on your career trajectory. I’ve coached many leaders who have good relationships with some of their direct reports and challenging relationships with others..

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How to Start Strong with a New Boss

The talent landscape is in a major flux; niche industries are growing rapidly, people are changing jobs, and many companies are going through re-orgs. Getting a new boss, even if you’re not in a new role, can be a nerve-racking experience. You want to make a good impression and.

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How to Have a Better Relationship with Your Boss

Having a great boss can be transformational. Having a terrible boss can be soul-sucking. When it comes to the boss-employee relationship, most people fall somewhere between. Improving the relationship with your boss has a positive impact on your work and your life overall. Much of the power lies in your hands;.

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Why Fear-Based Leadership Fails

When I was a young manager I had an experience that forever altered my perspective of what it means to be a leader. Six months into my tenure as a sales manager, we got a new “big boss” who came to town to make sales calls with us. To.

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What To Do When Your Boss Belittles You

It feels like a gut punch. Has this ever happened to you?  You think the meeting is going great.  You’re confident about your presentation.  Then, right in front of everyone your boss says, “That’s a terrible idea, what were you thinking, are you a fool?” Or maybe it’s not.

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Should You Keep Your Boss from Making a Mistake?

What would you do if you knew your boss was making a bad decision?  We’ve all been there.  How did you respond?  Do you sit back and watch it.  Or do you step outside your comfort zone and address it? My father once told me, “No matter what your.

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Why You Shouldn’t Tell Your Boss Everything

A family friend who worked at the White House said that one of the biggest challenges is deciding what to tell and what not to tell the President. There aren’t enough hours in the day to brief the boss on everything. You have to figure out what’s important and what’s.

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