Brene Brown

The Mean Voice in Your Head is Not Yours

We all have an internal talk track. What we often fail to recognize is, the words fueling our internal dialogue didn’t originate with us. When you step into a high stakes situation, what’s going on inside your head? Any of these sound familiar? Nobody likes a show-off. Who do.

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It’s OK to Admit You Had it Rough

When it comes to bad circumstances.  There are two kinds of people.  The people who want to prove they have it worse than other people.  And the people who will tell you others had it worse than they did. I usually fall into the second group.  Telling yourself other.

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Four Patterns Of Excuse-Making And How To Avoid Them

We’ve all heard (and given) our share of excuses. “My computer crashed, I got stuck in traffic, no one told me I was supposed to do it, the dog ate my homework.” It’s frustrating to encounter in others, but we’re often guilty ourselves, “I was sooo busy, my travel.

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