What’s More Important, Depth of Knowledge or Breadth of Knowledge?

Do experts do better in life? Consider two young professionals: Person 1 started coding in 8th grade. In college, they exempted all their general studies courses because of high school credits. In their single-minded pursuit of obtaining a great job, they went directly into a computer science major, completing.

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Why ROI Isn’t Always the Best Lens for Big Decisions

When you have a financial lens on decision-making sometimes it’s hard to consider any other factors.  Leaders trained in a traditional ROI model often default to it in every situation.  I saw this play out in unforgettable meeting I attended over a decade ago. I still remember exactly what.

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Do You Even Know What Good Looks Like?

When I was in college I worked as the receptionist for a health club. My boss, the owner, was a young guy who’d been a fitness buff and had the gumption to start his own business. I refer to him as young guy now. Back then, when I was.

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