4 Tips to Make the Most of Your 1-1

Done well, 1-1 meetings can have a major impact on your work product, career trajectory, and overall happiness at work. Yet too often, 1-1 conversations are rushed, overly focused on deliverables-du-jour, or at worst, get postponed until there is “more space in the calendar.” Whether you’re the boss or.

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How High Performers Respond to Change

As you look back on how business has changed over and how people responded, it’s a pretty safe bet to say, the person who didn’t want to create an email address or get a website 20 years ago is probably not a CEO today. Like it or not, our.

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4 Tips to Make Networking Less Awkward

“So…what do you do?” Networking can be awkward. After a networking hiatus, potentially even more so. But, on the flip side, we know networking is important. Professional connections help you expand your reach, grow your career, and develop a pool of trusted insights. Here are four tips to make.

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How to Motivate Your Team As The Economy Reopens

As the economy starts to reopen, companies face a delicate question: how can they sell – which is essential to their survival – but do it in a way that isn’t perceived as desperate or off-putting? One Chief Revenue Officer summarized the challenge: “I want to tell my team.

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No One Needs to Know How Awful They Are

Have you ever worked for a terrible communicator? Perhaps you have a family member who routinely criticizes everyone. There’s nothing like the dysfunctions of others to bring out the beast in us. When I was in my twenties and thirties, I spent the better part of a decade as.

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How to Reduce Your Words and Increase Your Impact

Have you ever experienced death by PowerPoint?  How about your boss asking you to read the endless business plan? We’ve all been there.  A well-intentioned person puts pen to paper, or hands to keyboard, and they cram everything they know into a document.  Their intention is to share important.

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Why People Don’t Say What Needs to Be Said

Last year I was working with the CEO of a pharmaceutical firm that specialized in allergy medicine. He’d just joined the company and was preparing for his first big town hall. As the new CEO, he recognized that people would want to know his plans. He prepared several slides.

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How a Slight Tweak in Words Changes Your Entire Organization

A colleague and friend of mine was staying at a high-end casino hotel recently for a conference.  One morning, he asked a waiter for a bottle of water.  A few minutes later he was served the best water he’d ever tasted.  He described the water as, “magical.”  He said,.

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