Overcoming the Drain of Emotional Acting

“No worries!” you politely replied, when in fact, this has caused you many worries. “Feeling good!” you forced, when in fact, you felt awful. “We can rally!” you cheered to the team, when in fact, you knew that things didn’t look good. Maybe you’ve done this; Carefully picking and.

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Why ‘Sweaty Palm Conversations’ Are Essential for Teamwork

Do you feel safe enough to challenge your boss? When people think about safety at work, we tend to think about physical safety, things like masks, and safety harnesses. But if you want to create a high-performing team you also need psychological safety. High performance depends on teammates being.

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How to Keep Your Personality from Overshadowing Your Team

“There’s no point arguing, she’s already got her mind set.” I hear this from employees who have a boss with a strong personality.  I recently wrote about why conflict avoiders find themselves in continual conflict (because they never address the root cause).  The preponderance of comments came from bosses.

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Why Avoiding Conflict Prolongs It

Do you like conflict?  Most people don’t. But sometimes, trying to keep the peace simply prolongs the problem. I was working with a leadership team who had problems with the IT department. They were reluctant to openly express their frustrations to the IT leader (their peer) because he was.

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How Shared Purpose Can Keep Arguments from Becoming Personal

The two men glared at each other from opposite sides of the conference table, looking like mortal enemies, and in some ways, they were. Steve, the younger of the two, had his hands perched on the arms of his chair, clenching his fingers on the edges as if he.

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