You See What You Look For: How to Train Your Brain for More Gratitude, Joy, and Connection

Have you ever decided to buy a certain type of car? Let’s say you want a blue sedan. As you mull over your decision, you notice blue sedans everywhere. Did everyone get a blue sedan overnight? Probably not. When you become more aware of something, you start seeing it.

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Training Your Brain: How to Feel More Gratitude, Connection, and Happiness

I was having brunch with a few of my friends over the weekend. We were sharing what we had been up to over the last several months and I mentioned that I had recently participated in a gratitude seminar. Each of them leaned in. After all, who doesn’t want.

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How Not to Screw up your Sales Kick Off this Year

There’s no open bar, no opportunity to see your old pals, and no chance for the top revenue producers to bask in the glow of their applauding (and envious) peers. This begs the question, should you even bother with a sales meeting? The resounding answer is YES. Your sales.

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How To Feel Connected When You Miss Your Office

One of our clients said, “When this is over, and we’re back in the office, I’m never eating lunch at my desk again. I want to be in the break room with you people!” referring to her colleagues. If you find yourself really missing the camaraderie of the office,.

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Who Do You Want Standing Beside You When This is Over?

We don’t know when, we don’t know how, and we’re not even exactly sure what the new reality will look like. But at a certain point, this too shall pass, and organizations will be in growth mode. The question is, who do you want standing beside you when this.

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Why Small Talk Has Big Implications for Wellbeing

In our always busy, always on, task-driven world, small talk is often deemed perfunctory, or even unproductive. At work, at home, and in our communities, these little chats are no longer in vogue. It happened by accident. No one (at least not me) woke up and thought, you know.

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How to Ignite Emotional Engagement

Once you get past food and shelter, human beings have two fundamental needs: connection and meaning. We all want to be part of something bigger than ourselves, and we to know our work counts for something.  These two needs transcend cultures, age, race and sex. If you want people.

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Why People Don’t Say What Needs to Be Said

Last year I was working with the CEO of a pharmaceutical firm that specialized in allergy medicine. He’d just joined the company and was preparing for his first big town hall. As the new CEO, he recognized that people would want to know his plans. He prepared several slides.

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