How to Scale Your Culture (if it’s good)

When they were only ten people, they didn’t give much thought to how they shared beliefs. They didn’t need to. It was obvious; their product was going to revolutionize the industry. They were on fire. They were going to change the way people did business. They talked about it.

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Do Emotions Matter at Work?

Which is more important, systems or emotion? Recently, I was working with the senior team of a mid-size firm that was struggling.  They wanted to stand out, but they were often regarded as a transactional non-differentiated organization.  Their processes needed improvement.  Worked bogged down in various places inside the.

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Why Culture – at Home and Work – Can Not Be Left to Chance

What’s more important?  Getting the order out today, or creating a culture that will enable you to do 5,000 orders next year? The answer of course, is both.  One task is urgent, the order today, it’s easy to understand what to do.  The other issue is important, creating an.

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Why Culture Matters More Than Goals

What’s the culture of your organization?  Is it an environment where things get done on time, every time?  Or are deadlines more flexible?   Do you believe in having fun, or is it more serious? Every organization has a culture, so does every family.  Culture is the, usually, unspoken beliefs.

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