Customer Service

Why Banks Struggle to Make You Care

What kind of a relationship do you have with your bank? Below is the true story of my daughter’s experience with her bank. Spoiler alert, it doesn’t end well. In terms of a prospect, I was a layup.    I have a checking account with one of the big banks..

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Can Customer Service Touch Your Soul?

When was the last time you had a profound customer service experience? Customer experience expert Chip Bell says, “Service can be a perfunctory act delivered with routine banter and going-through-the-motions energy.  It can be the same service we get pretty much everywhere, every day.  Or it can be something.

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Is Screen Time Improving Your Relationships?

In our click, tweet, screen culture, it’s easy to say that we’ve become dehumanized. For many organizations, customers and people are treated like a number in the virtual queue. The problem is not the technology. One need look no further than Facebook to see how the right technology can.

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Why Customer Service People Still Give Terrible Customer Service

No ma’am, you cannot speak to my supervisor. No ma’am, I don’t even have the number for a supervisor. No ma’am, there is nothing you can do to improve this situation. I have total power over you via this phone line, and I am not relinquishing it. Have you.

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The Horrible Thing That Happens When Systems Sabotage People

Which is more important, computers or people? Anyone with brains would say people. But you wouldn’t know it from the way many businesses are structured. A client of mine just experienced a “the system won’t let me help you ” experience that boggles my mind. He was returning from.

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Why Southwest is Beating the Competition

When was the last time an airline employee gave you enthusiastic service? Compare and contrast these two stories to see how senior leadership affects employee commitment: Last year, I lost my wallet on a late night Delta airlines flight. I stumbled off the plane in a bleary-eyed stupor, and.

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