The Reckoning of the Red Boots

It started with the red suede boots. It could have just as easily been a nice office or a fancy car. The feeling was the same, those nice things are for other people, they’re not for me. In this case, the red suede boots were the tipping point for.

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Want to be More Successful? Fix Your Office

The stories of businesses launching in garages and on kitchen tables are legends.  Yet if you go back and look at those famous garages and tables, you won’t see a mess of dirty dishes and oil cans. You see dedicated spaces devoted to work. The aesthetics of your workplace.

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The Bookcase Problem: Why good messages get muddled

This is why we can’t have nice things. Well, sort of. I call it The Bookcase Problem. It’s when people take something excellent, then pile mediocre stuff on top of it and ruin it. I dubbed it The Bookcase Problem, after an experience with my Dad. He was cleaning.

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