Why Binging on Reality TV Can Make You Better at Your Job

Reality TV has a bad reputation as a mindless waste of time; a guilty pleasure for those looking to escape. It’s almost embarrassing to admit you watch it; you feel like you should preface it with ‘only after I read The Wall Street Journal’ or something. I disagree. I’m.

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Are Your Metrics Eroding Trust?

How do you create excellence?  Many organizations assume: if we broadcast the metrics and hold people accountable, performance will improve.  This assumption is wrong.  Too often, the system’s leadership designs to improve performance wind up eroding trust and morale, the very things required for high performance. Let’s look at.

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What’s More Important, Depth of Knowledge or Breadth of Knowledge?

Do experts do better in life? Consider two young professionals: Person 1 started coding in 8th grade. In college, they exempted all their general studies courses because of high school credits. In their single-minded pursuit of obtaining a great job, they went directly into a computer science major, completing.

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How to Cross the Great Divide

We have never been more divided. Or so it would seem. If we are in fact divided, we are the ones who created the divide. The media and candidates can fuel the divide. But the divide only happens when we, the people, make negative assumptions about each other. If.

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The Horrible Awful Thing That is Wrong with Schools

Do you remember career counseling when you were in school?  Someone probably presented a bunch of career options and then tried to help you decide the best fit based on how you had performed thus far in academia with little or no discussion about your personality traits. This is.

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Sacrificing Love of Learning on the Altar of Memorization

There’s a great scene in the 1980’s movie When Peggy Sue Got Married. Kathleen Turner’s time travels go back to high school. Already having lived much of her adult life, she confidently tells her math teacher, “Mr. Snelgrove, I happen to know that in the future I will not.

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