employee retention

Stop Saying People “Don’t Want to Work” … They Just Don’t Want to Work for *You*

Job openings have hit a record high. There’s energy in the market; the flood of new positions in aviation, hospitality, and tech are contributing to a collective buzz. Yet for many organizations, filling positions is becoming increasingly challenging. From American Airlines canceling flights, citing a labor shortage, to Applebee’s offering free food to anyone willing.

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What Managers Can Do to Combat ‘The Great Resignation’

A swirl of news stories about ‘The Great Resignation’ has put employee retention in the leadership spotlight. 1 in 4 workers is considering quitting their job after the pandemic.   I’ve seen the fear in our consulting practice, too;  Our clients are deeply worried about retaining their talent as the.

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How to Improve Retention in 10 Minutes

We all know turnover is costly.  But the costs extend far beyond having to rehire. When you factor in leadership time, loss of momentum, and customer retention, the dollars rise and the impact expands. We also know the younger generation, millennials, change jobs at more than three times the.

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Why Your Best Employees Are Quitting Before They Start

Is your interview process driving the best people away? The days of the all-powerful employer sitting back while the candidate tries to impress them are over. If you want top talent, they are going to interview you, just as much as you are interviewing them. Here are three classic.

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