3 Leadership Lessons I Learned from Working in Food Service (That Business School Never Taught Me)

I’ve led teams large and small, and I’ve coached leaders in a huge variety of situations. The lessons I find myself drawing upon again and again, aren’t the things I learned in business school (Sorry, University of Georgia). They’re more frequently the timeless truths I learned earlier in my life,.

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3 Signs you’re working for a Toxic Leader

Working for a disorganized or disengaged boss can be frustrating, but dealing with a toxic leader can be downright awful. If you’re waking up each day bracing yourself for the inevitable crisis du jour, it may be time to reassess. Here are three signs of a toxic leader and.

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You Did Not Get Divorced Over a Ham Sandwich

My neighbor thinks his wife divorced him because of a ham sandwich.  He’ll tell anyone who will listen about the crazy woman who left him all because one night, instead of having dinner with the family, he made himself a ham sandwich. That one sandwich ruined 20 years of.

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