How to Own a Failure (And Still Preserve Your Reputation)

Maybe it was small, maybe it was big. You messed up, and every time you think about it you start to cringe. And as much as you desperately want to sweep it under the rug, you know, you’re probably better off dealing with it. It helps to remind ourselves,.

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Why Trying To Be Liked Is The Death Knell For Happiness And Success

Do you want to be liked? Most of us do. But wanting to be liked by everyone can have a chilling effect on your happiness and success. I don’t buy into the notion that you have to be a jerk to succeed. But many people are so afraid of.

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Why People Fail and How To Stop It

Why do people fail? Is it because they’re lazy or incompetent?  Perhaps the Universe conspires against us sometimes.  We tend to think of failure as catastrophic. It’s a big scary horrible thing to be avoided at all cost. But the truth is – Failure is the ambitious person’s constant.

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