What Feedback is Worth Listening to?

Do you get you ever get unsolicited advice? Is your boss a nitpick on every little thing? Does your unemployed nosy neighbor know precisely why you aren’t getting promoted? Some feedback is valuable, and other feedback is just a distraction. Feedback overload is increasingly common. We’re asked to rate.

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What Cartoonists Can Teach Us About Getting Buy-In

Have you ever had an idea you loved, and your boss immediately started poking holes in it? Or have you created a presentation and your colleagues responded with a list of things you should add? As humans, we’re instinctively wired to want to point out flaws. Further, ambitious people.

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How to Give Feedback that Sticks

Whether your feedback is positive or constructive, giving feedback is an opportunity to make a difference in your organization and build deeper relationships with the people we work with. Yet, too often, we fire off a “good job!” email or “could be better” comment without taking a minute to.

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How High Performers Keep Learning (Even When They’re Busy)

Traditionally, our collective view on learning and development has been somewhat narrow- blocked out time specifically dedicated to improving the skills you need for your current job. But when people are tired and busy…that view just doesn’t work. According to LinkedIn data, 94% of employees would stay at a.

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How to Give Feedback (When You Aren’t the Boss)

Giving feedback is a great way to add value to your organization and build your personal brand. But when you don’t have the formal title of “boss,” it’s easy to be perceived as overly critical. Even if you are a formal leader, with direct reports, you’ve likely recognized that feedback.

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How to Give Great Feedback In a Virtual (And Uncertain) World

If you’re a leader, you’re a lifeline. Like it or not, you’re one of the most important people in the daily life of your team. When people are working remotely, the words of the leader have outsized impact. In a tome of uncertainty, your ability to give high quality.

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Why Your Positive Feedback isn’t working

“Good job!” When her boss said it, Susan was delighted to hear the words out lout.  She had worked late to complete paperwork for a client. The fact that he said it in front of the team made it even better.  She was happy her boss had noticed. But.

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Why Public Critique Harms the One Giving It

Praise in public, critique in private.  It’s Management 101.  Most decent leaders know it’s detrimental to reprimand employees in public.  It’s unkind and does not improve performance. What’s less talked about though, is the impact public critique has on the person who is giving it. I was recently working.

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To Tattle or Not to Tattle: When to Tell the Boss and When to Keep it to Yourself

To tattle or not to tattle, that is the question my friends. When you see a co-worker making errors, how do you handle it?  Ignore it? Bring it to their attention right away?  Sit on it?  Or do you tell the boss? The answer is, it depends?  Here are.

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