How to Make (And Keep) Friends at Work

There’s an old-school belief that in order to be professional, you shouldn’t be friends with your colleagues, much less your subordinates or boss. I’m calling BS; Work is a GREAT place for friends. I suspect the notion of ‘no friends at work’ was likely propelled by a generation of.

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Time to Ditch the Friends?

I remember the moment when I almost crossed it off my list. Upon reflection, I’m really glad I didn’t. At the time, I had no idea that my happiness and success depended upon that one single item I had hastily written out on my yellow pad. The word I.

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What is the Meaning of Life?

It’s the age-old question, but what if I told you, the answer was two short words?  Now it’s not wine and cheese, nor is it TV and shopping? It’s not even love and money. The meaning of life is friendship and creativity.  I didn’t come by this revelation on.

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What’s the ROI on Friendship?

Who are your five closest friends?  Did you intentionally choose them?  Or are they circumstantial friends? Whether you realize it or not, your closest friends set the bar for what you consider to be normal.  For example, if you’re a B student and all your friends get C’s, you’ll.

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Who Are You Letting Into Your Head?

Have you ever been infuriated by someone’s Facebook post? You’re not alone. One minute you’re mindlessly trolling pictures of your high school girlfriend’s nephew’s graduation, the next minute, someone’s political post makes your head spin. How could they possibly be so misinformed? Wrong question. The right question is, Why did.

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