How to Harness the Power of Storytelling (Especially in Remote Environments)

As teams find their “new normal” for communicating and staying connected remotely, storytelling often gets left out of the equation. This is a big problem. In remote environments, when emotional connection and anecdotes get stripped away, it can leave teams feeling like work is a grind; a Monday through Friday.

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How to Scale the Founder Mindset

We know their stories: Sarah Blakely cutting out the feet of her panty hose, showing the Neiman’s buyer in the bathroom.  Then getting her now world famous produt SPANX on Oprah. Daymon John serving shrimp and biscuits at Red Lobster during the day while sewing wool caps at night.

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You Should Be Dancing, Yeah: At Work

How often do you hit the wall? It’s 3 o’clock (or 10 o’clock), you haven’t finished half of what you need to accomplish, but fatigue is hitting you like a ton of bricks. For me, it’s feels like a wave of exhaustion washing over my entire body. I notice.

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Is overemphasizing profit costing you money?

BUSINESS TREND Game Change: Leaders increase profits focusing on a noble purpose bigger than money They lead different organizations across a gamut of industries: construction, travel, social media, and software.  Instead of driving their organizations to improve profit, these leaders make customer impact their end game.   The counter intuitive.

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