How to Make Someone’s Heart Sing

The reason the movie It’s a Wonderful Life plays on endless repeat over the holidays (and we still cry at the end) is because it taps into a universal human longing. We want to know that we matter.  We want to know that the way we’re spending our time (at work,.

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Training Your Brain: How to Feel More Gratitude, Connection, and Happiness

I was having brunch with a few of my friends over the weekend. We were sharing what we had been up to over the last several months and I mentioned that I had recently participated in a gratitude seminar. Each of them leaned in. After all, who doesn’t want.

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Why Small Talk Has Big Implications for Wellbeing

In our always busy, always on, task-driven world, small talk is often deemed perfunctory, or even unproductive. At work, at home, and in our communities, these little chats are no longer in vogue. It happened by accident. No one (at least not me) woke up and thought, you know.

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Why Setting Goals Undermines Success and Erodes Happiness

What are you going to accomplish this year? Or perhaps at this point, a better question might be, what were you going to accomplish? Have you already given up that plan to lose ten pounds? Is making a million still on the table? If you’re like most people, you.

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Three Types of People That Will Make You Happier

Does life ever sometimes seem like one big long to-do list? With too much to do and not enough time to do it, life can easily become a grind.  We often think that an easier life would be a happier life, but in many cases that’s not so.  Once.

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Why We Wish Away Happiness

What’s keeping you from happiness? If you’re like most people you can list the obstacles standing between you and bliss. We all want to be happy. When we’re not, we’re often quick to point to reasons outside of our control. “I can’t be happy because I had bad parents,”.

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3 Things Successful, Happy People do Differently

I have a ringside seat to the success and failures of others. As an executive coach, I share in the triumphs and challenges of my clients. One of things I’m really good at is spotting patterns. There are distinct differences between the ways successful happy people approach life versus.

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Why We Put Happiness On Hold (And How To Stop Doing That)

Do you suffer from the “When . . .” syndrome? When I get a promotion, I’ll be happy. When I lose weight, I’ll start going to pool parties. When things calm down, I’ll learn to relax. Or maybe you suffer from the ‘If. . . s” If we had.

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