Virtual Onboarding: How to Win the Hearts and Minds of New Employees (Via Zoom)

When teams that were used to working together in person shifted to virtual, they had a wellspring of mutual goodwill to draw upon. They’d been through change, challenge, and growth together. The existing goodwill enabled them to power through virtual work even when it may have been frustrating or.

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Why Your Observations Are Wrong

Do you observe people? Of course you do; we all do.  Whether you’re making assessments of an interview candidate, observing your team during a meeting, or meeting a prospective in-law for the first time.  We’re always consciously and unconsciously observing and making assessments. In business, these anecdotal assessments determine.

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Why Seeing The Best In Others Can Make You Terrible At Hiring

I admit it;  I’m not very good at hiring people.  My husband is great at it.  The reason I’m terrible and he’s great is because I see people for what they can be.  He sees people for who they actually are right now. I see their long-term potential.  He sees how they’re going to show up.

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