Are You Ready for a Red Table Talk?

Do you ever have to address emotionally charged topics at work, or in your personal life?  We all do. A quick glance of the headlines reveals, we’re not all skilled at having difficult conversations.  Whether it’s racial discrimination or sexual harassment, these aren’t easy topics to discuss, especially at.

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Why People Don’t Say What Needs to Be Said

Last year I was working with the CEO of a pharmaceutical firm that specialized in allergy medicine. He’d just joined the company and was preparing for his first big town hall. As the new CEO, he recognized that people would want to know his plans. He prepared several slides.

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The Time-Saving Rule that Most People Think is Stupid

You know the people who are always worrying about whether or not someone is trying to take advantage of them? Maybe you know someone like this. They question the motives, quality and price of everything. When they need to buy something, they spend hours trying to figure out the.

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