Is Hybrid Work Actually…Working? Here’s What the Data Says.

Did you put on real pants, fight traffic, and eat a suboptimal lunch today just to sit in your corporate office…on a zoom call? You’re not the only one. We know there can be huge benefits to in-person collaboration and relationship building. We also recognize (well, most of us).

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Taking advice? Consider the source.

She loved making cards.  For her, they were a work of art.  She started out making them for friends and family.  Beautiful creations of paper, ribbon, tissue, and anything else she could find.  People swooned over her cards.  She loved watching the look on someone’s face when they opened.

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How to Scale the Founder Mindset

We know their stories: Sarah Blakely cutting out the feet of her panty hose, showing the Neiman’s buyer in the bathroom.  Then getting her now world famous produt SPANX on Oprah. Daymon John serving shrimp and biscuits at Red Lobster during the day while sewing wool caps at night.

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