The Green-Eyed Monster: Dealing with Envy at Work

“I’m so happy for you!” How many of us have said those words to a colleague after a big win, yet beneath the surface, we feel less than unwavering joy for the other party? I’m not the only one? Right? When a peer lands a big account, receives public.

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3 Things Successful, Happy People do Differently

I have a ringside seat to the success and failures of others. As an executive coach, I share in the triumphs and challenges of my clients. One of things I’m really good at is spotting patterns. There are distinct differences between the ways successful happy people approach life versus.

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Does Hating Rich People Make You Broke?

Quick, if you saw a Rolls Royce on the side of the road and a guy in a suit standing next to it staring at his flat tire, what pops into your head? If you find yourself laughing at a rich guy having to suffer, you may be suffering.

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