How to Harness the Power of Storytelling (Especially in Remote Environments)

As teams find their “new normal” for communicating and staying connected remotely, storytelling often gets left out of the equation. This is a big problem. In remote environments, when emotional connection and anecdotes get stripped away, it can leave teams feeling like work is a grind; a Monday through Friday.

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Need Your Team to Perform? Start with Belief

Belief drives behavior, and behavior drives results. In a volatile market, when the stakes are high, a leader’s ability to create shared belief for a team can mean the difference between failure and perseverance. History is filled with examples of small nimble teams who beat out formidable opponents. The.

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How Fear Flatlines Performance

Fear has a chilling effect on our ability to engage. It ignites the most primal, self-serving part of our brains. When your brain has been hijacked by fear, your personal short-term interests trump everything else. You’re not able to connect with the person on the other side of the.

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