How to Recover from a Workplace Argument

I found myself increasingly frustrated with my work colleague. But I bit my tongue in meetings. I ignored their eye rolls when I brought up new ideas and I didn’t point out how many times they had dropped the ball. Then one day, I snapped. I went on a.

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Are you Measuring the Least Important Reality?

Organizations operate on two levels. There are the presenting facts and metrics, these are readily observed and measured.   Then there are the nuances, the attitude of the players, their focus, or lack thereof, the details and daily conversations.  These seemingly behind the scenes subtleties are what makes or breaks.

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Are Errors of Apathy Eroding Your Organization?

If you’re not making mistakes you’re not trying anything new. Yet in many organizations, there’s a greater penalty for errors than for inaction. The reason is that inaction often goes unnoticed, while errors are front and center. Yet over time, inaction is an insidious error that will eventually erode.

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