Marshall Goldsmith

What I Learned from 3 Days with The World’s #1 Leadership Coach

Marshall Goldsmith has been voted the world’s #1 leadership coach; He’s coached Alan Mulally (Ford), Hubert Joly (Best Buy), and countless other esteemed CEOs. Now, Marshall has a cohort of 100+ leadership coaches from around the world (the MG100), of which I’m thrilled to be a part. Last week.

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How to Rule the World of Work: 12 Habits Holding Women Back

Are you great with details?  Are you a team player? Are you a rock star networker? Those qualities will help your career – until they hurt your career. If you’re a man reading this and you’re about to stop, hang in there. You’re about to discover some new information.

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Your Spouse and Your Boss Agree, You’re a Bad Communicator

Bill was frustrated; his boss just didn’t get it. Bill thought his boss expected too much. In my conversation with Bill he said, “My boss worries about the smallest things, then he freaks out if they’re not done perfectly.” As he spoke, something about the way Bill described his.

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