Maya angelou

“Don’t burn your bridges” …Except in These 3 Situations

We’ve all had moments where we force ourselves to bite our tongue. Maybe it’s an erratic boss, a less-than-tactful coworker, or a downright rude customer.  In the moment, you sit there calmly, with the age-old adage in the back of your mind….don’t burn your bridges. This long-time career advice.

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Leadership: What People Really Want From Their Boss

A recent Forbes article revealed that 65% percent of people would rather have a different boss than a raise. Take that in for a moment: People would trade money for a better boss. Words of leadership wisdom When I was 25 years old, my father shared something with me.

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Barnum, Jefferson and the Beautiful Ugly Arc of Progress

I fell in love with PT Barnum in the third grade.  I was also besotted with Thomas Jefferson.  Yea, I was a weird kid.  My heroes were a carnival barker and a writer. Watching the new movie The Greatest Showman, on the big screen last week, rekindled my passion.

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