The Meaning of Life in Two Words

Is it TV and Shopping?  Thankfully, no. Many years ago, I attended a lecture entitled, “The Meaning of Life in Two Words.”  With a promise like that, how can you not go? I honestly expected it to be a joke. It was not. In the first sentence his lecture,.

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How to Galvanize Your Team When Times are Tough

Welcome to the new normal.  We’re adding jobs daily, but most people are still miserable at work.  Workplace study data confirms what leaders are experiencing: work is harder, over half of all employees are disengaged and many people actively hate their jobs. In the old days leaders could rally.

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How to Ignite Emotional Engagement

Once you get past food and shelter, human beings have two fundamental needs: connection and meaning. We all want to be part of something bigger than ourselves, and we to know our work counts for something.  These two needs transcend cultures, age, race and sex. If you want people.

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