Myers Briggs

How to Avoid Being Average

Do you want to achieve more success? Or do you want to improve your leadership abilities? It’s a nuanced, and important question. When we want to advance our career, our first instinct is to focus on achievement, accomplishing certain milestones like pulling off the big deal, launching the new.

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The Horrible Awful Thing That is Wrong with Schools

Do you remember career counseling when you were in school?  Someone probably presented a bunch of career options and then tried to help you decide the best fit based on how you had performed thus far in academia with little or no discussion about your personality traits. This is.

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The Stupid Mistake Most People Make When Choosing A Career

What did you want to be when you grew up? A dancer, fireman, rock star? Or maybe an astronaut? When I was 10 I told my mom I wanted to be a TV preacher. Then she informed me that I’d probably have to join a church, so I gave.

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