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Team McLeod Has Something New and Cool

Purpose is a hot topic; fast growth organizations are putting purpose at the center of their strategy to improve performance at every level. Yet, too often, sales remain transactional. It doesn’t have to be this way. We wanted to help sales leaders experience the difference between a traditional company.

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How to Close the Passion Gap: 3 Ways to Infuse Purpose

  We have a gap. A gap between what makes organizations successful and the way leaders traditionally manage business. A 2013 Deloitte survey revealed that: “Organizations that focus beyond profit and instill a strong sense of purpose among their employees are more likely to find long-term success.”   Yet.

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Are Your Metaphors Ruining Your Relationships?

I admit it; I’m a language junkie. I believe that words matter. I was recently in a business situation that revealed how much our word choice can affect our relationships. A major manufacturing company was choosing a consultant to help them revamp their sales strategy and develop their sales.

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