The Science of Optimism: How to Train Your Brain to Look on the Bright Side

Doom and gloom are at an all-time high. Yet, many of us still have to go to work, lead our families, and sleep at night. It begs the question- how can we be optimistic- especially in the face of deep, turmoil? Learned optimism is an idea rooted in positive psychology..

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Ignoring Data is Essential for Optimism

My daughter recently got married. In the weeks leading up to the wedding, I realized the act of getting married is profoundly optimistic. We’re all well-acquainted with the 50% divorce rate. Yet every day, we humans look these odds in the face, and say, we’re doing it anyway. As.

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The Big Problem with Optimists

I confess. I’m an optimist. I’m one of those people who always look on the bright side and believe that a good attitude can turn around even the most miserable of situations. The problem with being an optimist is that other people often assume you’re an idiot. In fact,.

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