Time to Ditch the Friends?

I remember the moment when I almost crossed it off my list. Upon reflection, I’m really glad I didn’t. At the time, I had no idea that my happiness and success depended upon that one single item I had hastily written out on my yellow pad. The word I.

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Procrastination Station: Why you avoid decisions, even easy ones

Steve knew the project wasn’t working. Energy was waning; the milestones were falling further behind and the weekly meetings were stale, a rinse and repeat of the previous week. In terms of priorities, this project wasn’t urgent. The deliverables would be helpful, but there was no burning platform, no.

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The Sticky Note System for Avoiding Fire Fighting

Do you sometimes feel like your whole day is spent putting out fires?  You’re not alone. For many people, work is non-stop urgent.  One of my favorite bosses once said, “One of the biggest mistakes leaders make is not allowing themselves enough time for strategic thinking.” It’s easy to.

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Essential Versus Important: The Life Changing Power of Less

Have you ever found yourself saying, “The day got away from me?” You set goals; you have a strategy; you think know what’s most important.  Then, somehow, your day is hijacked by other people’s agendas. It’s like fish nibbling away at a giant carcass on the floor of the.

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