Sapiens: Why human success depends on our story

What if the ability to tell a good story made the difference between life and death of your entire species? It does. Most evolution drawings depict our species going from knuckle-dragging ape to hunched-over caveman to walking erect homo sapien.  Recent evidence indicates the journey was less linear, and.

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A Love Letter for America: Please Come Home

Are you as frustrated with politics as I am?  As a nation, we’re more divided and mistrustful of each other than I’ve ever seen in my adult lifetime. I’m going to go ahead and say it: I want to fall back in love with my country. I confess I’m.

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The AMB Method for Dealing with Change and Challenge

The common belief is, people don’t like change. If that were true, no one would ever have a baby or get married. The truer point is: people don’t like change that makes them feel unsafe. Change we don’t choose, or can’t control pushes our buttons. For example, deciding to.

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Barnum, Jefferson and the Beautiful Ugly Arc of Progress

I fell in love with PT Barnum in the third grade.  I was also besotted with Thomas Jefferson.  Yea, I was a weird kid.  My heroes were a carnival barker and a writer. Watching the new movie The Greatest Showman, on the big screen last week, rekindled my passion.

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Why the Arc of the Universe Bends Towards Better

Sometimes it seems like the world is falling apart. Race relations are struggling, children are being murdered, and even beloved cultural icons are tumbling. It seems like the world is getting worse. Only it’s not. The fact that we even report on these things, and that we’re outraged, reveals.

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The Table of Brotherhood Actually Happened At a Burger Joint

I was sitting at an upscale burger place in Atlanta a few months back with my daughter.   An African-American family sat down at the table beside us – a mom, a dad, two college-age boys, and a grandmother.  The tables were big pine farm style tables.  We were all.

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