project management

The Purist Trap: Why Your Enthusiasm May Be Off-Putting

“I’m not sure he really believes in this.”  The project manager was frustrated because he felt like his boss was just giving lip service to his initiative. Have you ever been in a situation where you’re passionate about something, yet you wonder if the people around you are just.

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Three Big Mistakes That Ruin Good Projects

Where do you start a painting project?  Or any type of project? I was refinishing some furniture recently, and found myself thinking about the three classic mistakes that people make when managing project workflow. Mistake #1 – Starting with the most visible parts first Years ago, whenever I was.

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Why Moving the Needle Matters More Than You Think

We all want to solve the big problem. We want to be the one who creates the breakthrough, who upends the paradigm, who stops or starts “it” once and for all. When you can’t solve the big problem, it often feels futile to try. Because if you try and you.

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