Is Your Boss Holding You Back?

If you want to get promoted, grow your career, or even make a bigger impact in your current role, your boss will play a crucial part in either propelling that future or holding it back. Even well-intended managers can fail to recognize the potential of their employees; in the.

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How to Get a Pay Bump (Without Leaving Your Job)

With inflation at an all-time high and an incredibly tight labor market, many employees are looking to leverage the current circumstances and make serious financial headway in 2022.  According to a recent Forbes piece, most people receive a salary increase of anywhere between 10% to 20% when they change.

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What to Say When Only One of You Gets Promoted

Apart from being fired, being passed over for a promotion is one of the worst feelings at work. And it’s even more painful when the person who DID get the promotion, is someone you work with. On the flip side, sometimes you’re the one who gets promoted and you’re.

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Why Looks Matter More Than You Think

Can bad facial expressions cost you your job? Maybe.  And what’s worse, you might not even be aware of it. Image expert Janice Hurley-Trailor says “ Many people have no idea how sour or unhappy their facial expressions are until they see themselves in a photo or on video.” I.

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