How to Own a Failure (And Still Preserve Your Reputation)

Maybe it was small, maybe it was big. You messed up, and every time you think about it you start to cringe. And as much as you desperately want to sweep it under the rug, you know, you’re probably better off dealing with it. It helps to remind ourselves,.

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Making Bold Decisions: How to Let Go of Sunk Costs

“We’ve already spent the money.” This single phrase is responsible for more bad decisions than almost any other. Whether it’s millions on an IT project or $100 for concert tickets, once we part with cash, we become invested in sticking with our decision. Several years ago, I ordered a.

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The Value of Wallowing

Have you ever been really disappointed about something and then had someone tell you to cheer up? How does it make you feel?  Generally speaking, telling someone to cheer up when they’re disappointed doesn’t work.  Instead of helping you cope with your emotions, telling you to cheer up is.

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