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Why Binging on Reality TV Can Make You Better at Your Job

Reality TV has a bad reputation as a mindless waste of time; a guilty pleasure for those looking to escape. It’s almost embarrassing to admit you watch it; you feel like you should preface it with ‘only after I read The Wall Street Journal’ or something. I disagree. I’m.

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How to Highlight Your Accomplishments without Bragging

“I don’t want to brag.” It’s a common lament. We all want to be appreciated for our hard work, but many of us are reluctant to tout our accomplishments. Especially women. (I’ve been guilty of this myself). It’s a quagmire because your ability to show off your best work.

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The Reckoning of the Red Boots

It started with the red suede boots. It could have just as easily been a nice office or a fancy car. The feeling was the same, those nice things are for other people, they’re not for me. In this case, the red suede boots were the tipping point for.

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Why Habits are More Powerful Than Rules for Humans of Every Age

What’s the difference between a habit and a rule? I had a recent experience with some teenagers that illustrates why habits are more powerful. I was hosting several teens in my home for a weekend. At the end of each meal a few of the kids consistently said thank.

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